Automated Tank Manufacturing Inc has changed the manufacturing methods for storage tanks in both the oil industry and for the eco-environmental storage of water for the suppression of fires.

In the past 10 years we have changed the industry and the way manufacturing has been done through the introduction of different patented processes to give a much higher quality of welding procedures used in tank manufacturing.

ATM has brought safety first in all of its patented or other processes that are used within its manufacturing facilities.

ATM has had the opportunity to work with many engineering companies on behalf of their clients for their tank needs.

The quality of our weld processes has not been met by any other competitor in the past 8 years. In ATM’s 10 year history we have never delivered a tank late. As a “Just in Time” manufacturer we have become a preferred fabricator for many companies due to them not having to forward buy and pay for inventories while still having their tank needs met for their drill programs.

We built a mini tank
Mini TankMini tankStanding beside mini tank